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Website Catalog (In Development)

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Science A.S.

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Associate in Science

CIP Code: 24.0101


The mission of the Liberal Arts & Sciences: Science A.S. Program is to prepare students for successful transfer to baccalaureate institutions, by providing a dynamic, interdisciplinary, university-parallel track to intellectual inquiry both in and out of the science field. By providing a diverse educational experience, small class sizes and connections with faculty mentors and advisors, students in the LAAS program will obtain the fundamental concepts and knowledge in scientific reasoning, critical analysis, communication, research and laboratory skills to excel in University science programs for future careers in the sciences.  

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of science careers, science program transfer opportunities, and fundamental academic skills necessary for success as a science major.
  2. Students will demonstrate foundational knowledge in the natural sciences, including key concepts, methodologies, and known scientific theories/facts.
  3. Students will critically evaluate information, analyze data, and utilize technologies relevant to their discipline to investigate scientific questions and solve problems.
  4. Students will effectively communicate scientific, mathematical, and/or technical concepts in written and oral formats to a variety of audiences.
  5. Students will experience the natural sciences in a setting which effectively develops the fundamental skills needed to be successful in their scientific field of choice.

Program Supervisor

Dr. Tracy Curtis
Department Chairperson, Biology
Office: Natural Science Center, Room 207E
Telephone: +1 (607) 778-5067
Email:  curtistr@sunybroome.edu

The LAAS program is designed for students planning careers in such areas as:

  Areas of Study   Possible Career Goals





  Biology - Environmental Scientist, Forester, Wildfire Biologist,
                  Microbiologist, Geneticist, Marine Biologist, Biology

  Pre-Health Professions - Physician, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist,





  Chemistry - Chemist, Chemistry Teacher/Professor, Pharmaceutical
                       Chemist, Forensic Scientist, Analytical Chemist

  Biochemistry - Biochemist, Toxicologist, Research Scientist,





  Physics - Physicist, Physics Teacher/Professor

  Astrophysics - Astronomer

  Atmospheric Science/Meteorology - Meteorologist, Atmospheric Scientist



  Geology - Geologist, Paleontologist, Climate Scientist, Earth Science

The LAAS Program has transfer articulations with several colleges and universities including. To learn more about these agreements, please visit: www2.sunybroome.edu/transferagreements/

Fall Semester, Second Year (13-15 credits)

  • Natural Science Elective* (4 credits)


  • Humanities Gen Ed (3 Credits)
  • Arts Gen Ed (3 Credits)
  • World History and Global Awareness Gen Ed (3 Credits)


  • DEI Gen Ed (3 Credits)

Spring Semester, Second Year (16-17 credits)

  • Natural Science Elective* (4 credits)
  • Social Science Gen Ed (3 Credits)
  • US History and Civic Engagement Gen Ed (3 Credits)

Total Credits Required to Graduate: 61-64

*Recommendations for students:

Biology/Pre-Health/Chemistry/Biochemistry - BIO 117/118, PHY 161 or 181/162 or 182, CHM 245/246

Astrophysics - AST 113, PHY 181/182/281, MAT 181/182/281

Physics - PHY 181/182/281, MAT 181/182/281

Geology - GLG 115, MAT 181/182

Atmospheric Science/Meteorology - ATM 114, MAT 181/182/281/282

Natural Science/Math electives - recommendations based on concentration

Program Notes

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