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Website Catalog (In Development)

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Nursing: A.A.S.

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Associate in Applied Science

CIP CODE: 51.3801


SUNY Broome Community College Department of Nursing prepares learners for contemporary practice by creating inclusive, diverse learning experiences that enables students to apply learned concepts in health care settings. Learners have access to transformative, innovative, and meaningful learning experiences. Through active inquiry, students will become professional nursing leaders of tomorrow within their healthcare community.

Program Learning Outcomes

After completion of the Nursing Program, the student is able to:

  • Demonstrate professional, legal, and ethical accountability within the scope and standards of nursing practice.
  • Engage in effective communication and collaboration in intra and inter disciplinary teams across a variety of contexts in the care of multiple patients.
  • Utilize information and technology to communicate information and to support decision making and organization of safe client care.
  • Adapt patient centered care that respects cultural values and beliefs, to promote health, self- determination, integrity and ongoing growth of human beings.
  • Integrate evidence-based practice into patient-centered care, using the nursing process across a range of settings and populations.
  • Incorporate principles of teaching-learning within the registered nurse scope of practice to prevent illness.
  • Use data to monitor and improve the quality and safety of patient care.
  • Formulate safe and effective clinical judgements guided by the nursing process, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based practice.


The Nursing Program is accredited by The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), Inc., and registered by the New York State Education Department.

ACEN can be contacted at:
3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Phone: +1 (404) 975-5000
Fax: +1 (404) 975-5020

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the Associate in Nursing Program is Continuing Accreditation. 

View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program here.

The New York State Education Department can be contacted at:
NY State Education Department
Office of the Professions
Division of Professional Licensing Services
Nurse Unit
89 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12234-1000
+1 (518) 474-3817

Program Supervisor

Tina Seedborg, Chairperson                                                                       
Office: Decker Health Science Building, Room 217G                                                   
Telephone: +1 (607) 778-5060                                                                                              

SUNY Broome Community College offers a college-based curriculum to prepare graduates for entry level Registered Nurse employment. The Program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and registered by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Graduates are eligible to take the national licensing examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). They are qualified for immediate employment in long term, acute care, home care, private medical offices, health maintenance organizations and clinic settings. Graduates are encouraged to continue their education for the Baccalaureate and higher degrees in the Nursing field. SUNY Broome has articulation agreements with a variety of Bachelor of Science Nursing Programs which makes transfer a smoother transition.

Sequence of Courses

This is a two-year course schedule for students meeting all Program entry requirements and to pursue full-time study.

First Year

Second Year

Graduation Requirement: 64 Credits


The Nursing Program has required educational components in all of the following areas: classroom, clinical facilities, simulation and the nursing skills lab.

Each student enrolled in the Nursing program must meet the mathematics proficiency requirements at selected intervals during the program.

Clinical experiences for Nursing students are scheduled by the Nursing Department and may include day and/or evening and weekend timeframes. Students are responsible for providing their own transportation to clinical and community facilities in Broome and surrounding counties. All clinical components run concurrently with lecture. In order to progress, students must satisfactorily complete all clinical components.

In order to progress, students must also complete assignments in the Nursing Skills Center Lab & Computer Lab. These assignments are completed both inside and outside of class time.

The Nursing Program must be completed within 4 academic years of the date of enrollment in Nursing Courses.

*Students must receive a “C” or better in all Nursing, Biology, and Microbiology courses in order to progress in the Program.

See SUNY Broome website:

In order to be eligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse, graduates must meet the criteria for good “moral character” as determined by the New York State Education Department.

Students who academically fail two (2) nursing courses will be dismissed from the Program. Students who fail clinically will be permanently dismissed from the Nursing Program.

For general information see Health Science Curricula.

Transition Pathway for LPNs and AEMT-Ps

SUNY Broome Nursing’s Transition Pathway allows eligible Licensed Practical Nurses and certified Advanced Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics (AEMT-Ps) to earn an AAS in Nursing with fewer nursing courses.  Recognizing prior learning and experiences of LPNs and AEMT-Ps, this course focuses on the RN scope of practice and emphasizes the nursing process in the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills needed by RNs in today’s healthcare environments.  Successful completion of the course and needed prerequisites allows students to move into senior level nursing courses.

Students who meet college and program admission requirements and have completed the required pre-requisites can take the ADN 198 course - Transitioning to the RN Role for LPNs and Certified Advanced Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedics (AEMT-P).  The ADN 198 course is offered each spring semester with applications due by the prior year spring admission deadline allowing time for students to take needed prerequisites in the summer and/or fall semesters.

Prerequisites for ADN 198:  Evidence of completion of the following college-level coursework must be met before enrollment in ADN 198 - Transitioning to the RN Role for LPNs and Certified Advanced Medical Technician - Paramedics (AEMT-Ps).


   ADN 198 Prerequisite



   Course Title                                                 



   ENG 110

   College Writing I

   PSY 110   

   General Psychology    3

   BIO 131
   Anatomy & Physiology I*    4

Entry into senior nursing courses also require successful completion of:


   Prerequisites Needed for

   Entry into Senior Level

   Nursing Courses


   Course Title                                                        





   ADN 198


   Transitioning to the RN Role for

   LPNs and Certified AEMT-Ps



   BIO 132
   Anatomy & Physiology II*    4

   PSY 210
   Human Development    3

   SOC 110
   Introduction to Sociology     3

   HST 210
   Pharmacology    3



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