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Website Catalog (In Development)

EGR 150 - Engineering Design I with Graphics

Engineers must be able to communicate their design ideas to others.  Thus, this first course in Engineering Design focuses on the improvement of communication skills.  These include written, oral presentation, sketching, and computer application skills.  Since our world is three-dimensional, some effort is made to improve the spatial visualization ability of students.  In addition, the principles of orthographic projection are learned and applied in drawing by hand and in modeling using the computer.  Students work in teams on projects with the goal of recognizing and developing behaviors associated with consensus decision-making and cooperative teamwork.  The steps of the engineering design process are learned.

Credits: 2
1 Class Hour, 3 Lab Hours
Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Clearly articulate an issue or problem; identify, analyze, and evaluate ideas, data, and arguments as they occur in their own or others’ work; acknowledge limitations such as perspective and bias; and develop well-reasoned (logical) arguments to form judgments and/or draw conclusions.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to analyze an engineering problem in a logical manner and apply basic principles to its solution.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of engineering design, its history, and its process.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to use tools useful in the design process, including sketching, engineering drawing, and CAD, Microsoft Word, and Excel.