Dec 05, 2023  
Website Catalog (In Development) 
Website Catalog (In Development)

BIT 112 - First Year Seminar

This is an orientation course for first semester students in the Business Information Technology Program.  This course will introduce students to college and departmental policies and procedures, assist students with advisement and registration practices, and familiarize students with the services available on campus.  Students will be exposed to various tools and techniques that will aid in their academic success and help allow them to keep pace in the constantly moving field of information technology.  Students will learn how to organize and market their skills through the creation of an electronic portfolio.  This will allow students to create a dynamic record of their abilities in order to help market themselves and gain a competitive advantage in the job market or when applying to a 4 year university.  Lastly, students will learn the basics of designing and creating their own blog or website using WordPress to tie their skills together.

Credits: 2
2 Class Hours
Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of this course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Develop a Personal Academic Plan.
  2. Assess personal strengths and areas for growth.
  3. Demonstrate ability to assess academic program and register for courses.
  4. Create an electronic portfolio overview of student’s skills, education, and work experience.
  5. Create a professional resume.
  6. Demonstrate competence with professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn.
  7. Create a simple website using WordPress
  8. Create and update content to website such as posts, pages, menus and media.
  9. Show competency in best practices for designing, creating, and managing a simple website.