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2023-2024 Official General Catalog 
2023-2024 Official General Catalog [Archived Catalog]

CST 131 - Internet Programming Languages

This class will emphasize hands-on instruction and practical usage of HTML, JavaScript and XML for programmers. Topics in HTML will include tags, fonts, images, tables, layouts, image maps. Cascading Style Sheets will be covered. JavaScript will include the topics of declaring variables, declaring and using functions, event handling and accessing existing Java functions. This course is designed to give students an insight and hands on experience in how XML can be used on the Internet.

Prerequisite- Corequisite
Prerequisite:  CST 113 Introduction to Programming

Credits: 3
2 Class Hours, 2 Laboratory Hours
Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1.  Create a basic Web page with HTML commands.
  2. Demonstrate the use of HTML tags for ordered lists, pictures, fonts, frames, and links.
  3. Design effective Web pages and techniques to keep the user interested in the Web page.
  4. Demonstrate the use of JavaScript to allow the user to interact with a Web page.
  5. Create JavaScript to ask the user questions and act on answers.
  6. Create JavaScript to create motion on the screen.
  7. Create If statements, Loops and arrays and functions in JavaScript.
  8. Demonstrate the basics of a current webpage editor.
  9. Demonstrate how to alter the HTML created by a current webpage editor.
  10. Create and Validate an XML Document.
  11. Work with Basic XML Schemas.