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2023-2024 Official General Catalog 
2023-2024 Official General Catalog

Student Life


Intercollegiate Sports

The Athletics Department at SUNY Broome Community College serves as an integral part of the college experience. A well-rounded schedule of intercollegiate competition in various competitive sports provides an environment in which each student-athlete strives for excellence academically and athletically. Students who participate in these sports benefit from the development of leadership skills, diversity and inclusion programming, serving their community and team building, attributes that will assist them throughout their lives.

SUNY Broome Community College is one of over 437-member schools of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), including one of the 21 members of Region III. SUNY Broome Community College also participates in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. SUNY Broome Community College currently offers NJCAA Division Ill competition in Baseball, Women’s and Men’s Basketball, Women’s and Men’s Cross Country, Women’s and Men’s Soccer, Softball, Women’s Volleyball and Women’s and Men’s Track and Field.

SUNY Broome Community College’s athletics teams have a rich tradition of success in two-year college competition. Dick Baldwin was a legend, who formerly coached the Men’s Basketball team for 40 years and recorded 879 victories. Over the years our athletic teams have won numerous Regional and Conference Championships. In addition, the Women’s Soccer team has won three NJCAA Division III National Championships in 2007, 2008 and 2016. In 2018 and 2021, our Women’s Volleyball team, won the Region 3 Championship sending them to the DIII NJCAA National Championships. In 2021, both the Volleyball Team and Men’s Cross Country team finished 4th in the nation, the furthest each team has gone in SUNY Broome history. Many of our student-athletes have received All Conference, All-American, All-Region and All-American honors and have continued their pursuits at four-year colleges.

The athletic facilities here at SUNY Broome Community College consist of two gymnasiums, weight room, fitness center, dance room, athletic training room, baseball field, and soccer field. The Women’s Softball team plays at the BAGSAI Softball Complex, which is next to the college. New to the college in 2023 is the Outdoor Fitness Court enabling students, staff and community to workout under blue skies and sunshine.

To participate in Intercollegiate sports teams at SUNY Broome Community College, students are required to meet NJCAA rules and academic eligibility requirements. Prospective student-athletes should contact the Athletics department in the Student Center (SC101; +1 (607) 778-5003) to obtain further information, or visit our website at www.broomehornets.com. Follow us @ sunybroome athletics on Instagram.


Many of our students at SUNY Broome Community College enjoy trying out sports and physical activities of all kinds, some maybe for the first time. Our intramural program is meant to offer an inviting and safe environment that encourages students to meet new people and have some fun. With this in mind, Athletics coordinates intramural activities including open gyms that are open available to all students enrolled at SUNY Broome Community College. Visit SUNY Broome Community College’s online social engagement network, The Swarm for alerts and signups, or joind “sunybccintramurals” on Instagram for the latest news and team sports signups.

Clubs, Societies, and Organizations

Involvement in campus clubs provides a chance to connect with other students who share a common interest while exercising skills important to lifelong learning that may or may not be covered in the classroom. Depending on a club’s purpose, its members may participate together in social events, local charity work, or other group activities. At SUNY Broome Community College, a wide array of clubs and organizations are available to all students. From the Photography Club, and Unity in Pride to the International Student Organization and Speakers of the House, we have clubs for just about everyone.

Many organizations on campus are part of national organizations, either as student chapters of professional societies, service organizations, or honor societies. Club activity varies from year to year depending on student interest, with new clubs developing around new pursuits. View clubs, their latest news, and what they have to offer on SUNY Broome Community College’s online student engagement network, The Swarm.

The Student Assembly

The Student Assembly at SUNY Broome Community College represents the collective students’ voice on campus. In addition to providing input on club activities, social events, and programming, Student Assembly members discuss issues concerning campus life, review student-related campus policies, and sit alongside faculty and staff on college committees charged with making recommendations to College administration. Student Assembly representatives sit on the three other Shared Governance Bodies: College Assembly, the Council for Academic Issues, and the Council for Operational Issues. One Student Assembly member also serves as the Student Trustee on the SUNY Broome Community College Board of Trustees and votes on all items brought forth to that group. For information on running for a position in the Student Assembly, contact Student Activities (SB-104; +(607) 778-5540).

Performing and Fine Arts

Student Life at SUNY Broome means a variety of activities and performances going on weekly. Music, theater, comedy, dance, poetry readings, and contests, as well as lectures, seminars, and discussions are offered during the Common Hour. 

The SUNY Broome Community College Theater Department offers productions throughout the year of classic and new plays. Students may participate in productions whether or not they are enrolled in formal course work by joining Theater Club.

All SUNY Broome Community College students are welcome in the Music Program’s ensembles! College Choir, String Ensemble, Jazz Band, Guitar Ensemble, College Band and Chambers Singers and all accept new members each semester. Join the Music Association and find out about contemporary performing opportunities. Our ensembles perform throughout the year in the community and on campus in the Angelo Zuccolo Little Theater. 

SUNY Broome Conduct Standards and Expectations

Community Living Understanding and Expectations

Every student is a member of the living and learning community of SUNY Broome. As a member of this community, each individual has certain rights as a student. Each individual must recognize that other members of this community are affected by their actions and great care should be given in creating an open and accepting environment. For this reason, it will be important that each individual learn to compromise with others in order to maintain an environment in which all members of the community may grow as individuals and may pursue learning as a fundamental part of the campus experience. Students should conduct themselves in a respectful and dignified manner. As a member of this community, students agree to abide by local, state and federal laws, as well as by the SUNY Broome Student Code of Conduct at all times.

When students apply to SUNY Broome Community College, they accept our community living expectations which include a requirement to adhere to our Student Code of Conduct. Because SUNY Broome strives to ensure the success of all its community members, its standards of conduct may exceed federal, state, or local requirements.

Student Conduct Philosophy

The student conduct process is designed to enforce college policy and residence hall regulations while reinforcing the College’s educational mission. Community living requires standards of conduct, cooperation, negotiation, and respect for all community members, including students and staff. We are committed to facilitating individual student success and accountability through a fair and engaging process centered around developmental exercises and conversations which may lead to behavioral consequences, and when necessary, separation for the college. The student conduct process functions cooperatively with Academic Affairs, Athletics, the Office of Housing, Counseling Services, the SUNY Broome Department of Public Safety, and local police and emergency response agencies. A student may be referred to a Student Conduct Administrator for an alleged policy violation.

All individuals are responsible for their behavior while a member of the SUNY Broome community. This includes students, guests, and/or visitors. Individuals will be held responsible for their behavior that takes place both on and/or off campus.

Students are also accountable for the actions of others they deliberately incite or encourage to commit a violation of policy. Students may also be responsible for being aware of a policy violation and not reporting it to a SUNY Broome staff member. Students are expected to contact SUNY Broome Community College staff, including Public Safety, should they be a witness to any adverse behaviors.

Students, who have guests and/or visitors not affiliated with SUNY Broome, must inform them of the rules and regulations. Students may be held accountable for their guest’s actions.

The standards and expectations of the Student Code of Conduct do not limit or restrict specific department, program, or course guidelines or expectations. It is expected that every student abide by all SUNY Broome Community College policies, including but not limited to behavioral expectations stated in individual course syllabi or within an academic program or department.

Conduct standards, procedures for reporting an incident and adjudication procedures can be found here:  https://www2.sunybroome.edu/dos/student-conduct/standards/


Public Safety

SUNY Broome Community College is a safe campus which does its best to provide a secure environment where students can feel comfortable about learning without distraction.

Each year, Colleges and universities which receive state aid file campus crime statistics with the United States Department of Education. These statistics are available at http://ope. ed.gov/security/. In addition, The Office of Public Safety will provide, upon request, all campus crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education. This information is available through the Chief of Public Safety.

Student Housing

SUNY Broome Community College offers on-campus housing at the Student Village. Residents live in a six (6) person fully furnished apartment, within two (2) double bedrooms, and two (2) single bedrooms. Along with two (2) private bathrooms, apartments include an eat-in kitchen, and living room. More information can be found at the Student Village, or Housing & Dining Rates.