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Spring 2019 Official General Catalog 
Spring 2019 Official General Catalog [Archived Catalog]

About SUNY Broome Community College


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SUNY Broome Community College is a comprehensive community college supervised by the State University of New York, sponsored by the County of Broome, and governed by a Board of Trustees. It offers programs designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment (Associate in Applied Science degrees) and for transfer to four-year colleges and universities (Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees). The College also sponsors a variety of certificate programs, short-term training programs, and non-credit community education courses.


Vision, Mission, and Values



SUNY Broome strives to be a leader in anticipating and responding to diverse individual, community, and global needs for accessible lifelong educational opportunities. We collaborate with others to create high quality, innovative, student-centered learning environments, guided by our shared values.

SUNY Broome…
strives to be a leader   We see our role as one of leadership in the community.
in anticipating   We will be proactive in identifying future needs for educational, training, and student support services.
and responding   We will marshal our resources and take responsibility for making things happen so that needs are addressed in a focused and timely manner.
to diverse individual, community and global needs   The programs and services developed by us may be delivered to an individual, but they will take into account the economic and social needs of the local community as well as selected global concerns. Our challenge is to contribute tangibly to the improvement of the local community by using our intimate knowledge of the community and our skills and resources to build, student by student, an effective citizenry and a productive workforce.
for accessible   We have a unique Mission to maintain the highest degree of accessibility by keeping costs low and providing services in convenient locations and at appropriate times. This could include designing programs that are integrated into employment or secondary educational settings.
lifelong learning opportunities   The community relies on us to adapt our programs to meet residents’ changing needs. Responding to major job dislocations or an influx of refugees, reinforcing the skills of the employed workforce, enriching the lives of residents with new ideas, helping people get back on track with a second or third chance at an education are all vital roles played by SUNY Broome.
We collaborate with others to create   We are committed to addressing the important issues facing the local community, but we know that the answers will come from the combined efforts and resources of many agencies, organizations, and institutions.
high quality   We are recognized for the quality of our programs and the range of services they include. That quality will be maintained and improved.
innovative   Our solutions may require new partnerships, new ways of delivering educational services, and new ways of using our educational skills and resources. We will contribute the creativity of our people in whatever ways will be productive.
student-centered learning environments   We recognize that the need to supply each student with appropriate and diverse learning opportunities, as well as administrative and support services, is more important than ever to the achievement of our Mission.
guided by our shared values   We will maintain our commitment to the principle of free and open inquiry in the academic tradition. The statement of Values is the framework that guides the policies and procedures governing the day-to-day operations of the College.


SUNY Broome Community College provides:

  • open access to those who can benefit from its programs and services.
  • university-parallel degree programs for students aspiring to baccalaureate degrees and professions.
  • occupational and technical degree and certificate programs for students aspiring to careers in business, health, technology, and human services.
  • General Education to broaden and deepen students’ intellectual, moral, civic, and social competence for effective participation in the world community.
  • collaborative leadership among the diverse institutions, organizations, agencies, and other entities that comprise our community.
  • community and continuing education and training to serve the needs and interests of individuals, employers, and agencies.
  • career advising, skills and knowledge assessment, and related support services to help students reach their full potential.
  • a community of free inquiry and educational achievement wherein each member is treated respectfully.
  • a broad range of educational, social, athletic, and recreational activities to foster students’ personal development, community involvement, and leadership skills.


In fulfilling its mission and fashioning its goals, SUNY Broome Community College affirms these commitments:

to Learning   The primary reason SUNY Broome exists is to offer lifelong learning opportunities for our students under the principle of free and open inquiry. These opportunities are accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality possible.
to Excellence   In fulfilling our mission, achieving excellence is a process both valued and expected. We value both the leadership of individuals and collaboration of teams as part of a continuous improvement effort.
to Equity   Respecting both individual rights and social obligations, the College is an advocate for fairness and just treatment for all students and staff.
to Diversity   SUNY Broome values and celebrates the diversity of its students and employees. We respect their diverse life experiences, appreciate their contributions to our learning community, and promote individual development and success.
to Accountability   We honor the trust placed in us by the larger community and understand our accountability for efficient and effective use of resources. We also expect personal honesty, integrity, and responsibility to be essential elements in our learning environment.
to Innovation   SUNY Broome encourages all members of its community to imagine. We nurture an environment of innovation and experimentation and invite all to participate in the unique possibilities of a learning community.


College History

1946   Chartered as New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences at Binghamton
1953   Name changed to Broome County Technical Institute
1956   Name changed to Broome Technical Community College
1957   Campus moved to present location on Upper Front Street, Binghamton, NY
1971   Name changed to Broome Community College


Campus Setting


Binghamton is centrally located in the State of New York, 45 miles from Ithaca, 70 miles from Syracuse, and about 200 miles from both New York City and Philadelphia. Routes I-81, I-88, and NY 17/I-86 pass through the city.

Binghamton, Endicott, and Johnson City make up the Triple Cities, an urban metropolitan area that offers a sophisticated cultural life along with easily accessible outdoor recreational opportunities. Major employers are United Health Services, Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Lourdes Hospital, IBM, Maines Paper and Food Service, Lockheed Martin, and Binghamton University (one of SUNY’s four University Centers, located a few miles from SUNY Broome).

SUNY Broome Community College’s campus is located three miles north of Binghamton on Upper Front Street, which is Route 11 alongside Interstate 81. The campus is landscaped with a variety of trees and open green spaces and has a hillside backdrop; four of its 15 buildings face a major quadrangle. The total campus building space is 600,000 square feet. A campus map is available on the About SUNY Broome portion of the College website.


Information Technology Services


SUNY Broome students are provided computer accounts for access to the campus network, current software, email, printing, and the Internet in over 20 labs on campus. Remote services are available and wireless access exists in many convenient locations. HELP desk services provide aid to students with questions and problems related to campus technology. A campus portal provides direct access to individual records, on-line courses, registration, and a variety of other student and campus information. Please visit our web site.


Broome Community College Foundation


The Broome Community College Foundation, Inc. is a self-supporting not-for-profit  501 (c) (3) corporation established in 1965 by BCC Trustees and community leaders to raise, invest, and administer private funds to benefit SUNY Broome, its students, and faculty. The Foundation’s top priority is to assist students with grants-in-aid and scholarships, but its charter also calls for assisting faculty and staff by helping fund their professional development and training, and providing the College with equipment, seed money for special projects, and other items for which public funds are either insufficient or unavailable. The Foundation also helps to support special capital projects to improve campus facilities. The Foundation serves as a conduit for all private gifts to the College. Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

In addition to annual gifts contributed by alumni, faculty, staff, students, business and industry, community friends, organizations and foundations, the Foundation has endowment and trust funds of approximately $33 million which help support its programs and activities.


The College’s Alumni Engagement program provides the link to nearly 50,000 alumni world-wide. News of the College and from alumni is disseminated in BROOME, a semi-annual magazine distributed to alumni and other partners of the College.  The Alumni Engagement activities of the College are administered in partnership with the BCC foundation.

For information about the Foundation, call 607 778-5182 or email to foundation@sunybroome.edu.  For questions about Alumni programming call 607 778-5477 or email alumni@sunybroome.edu.


SUNY Broome Community College Continuing Education


SUNY Broome Community College has an extensive non-credit continuing education program which features both classroom and online courses, seminars, mandated professional training, and special events open and available to the public. In addition, SUNY Broome Continuing Education provides customized training and on-site credit courses for business and industry. The Entrepreneurial Assistance Program provides one-on-one support as well as workshops and training for the small business community and entrepreneurs. For a current catalog of offerings, call 607 778-5012, or visit the SUNY Broome Website at www.sunybroome.edu/continuing-education

The SUNY Broome Workforce Development Program demonstrates the College’s commitment to local economic development. The mission is to produce quality non-credit and credit education and training programs for area business and industry.

SUNY Broome Continuing Education also provides students with post-associate programming through an affiliation with Excelsior College. Through a transfer agreement with Excelsior, students can take most of their coursework toward a Bachelor’s degree at SUNY Broome in a variety of programs, and then transfer to Excelsior to complete their degree.

For additional information on contract education and training programs, call Workforce Development at SUNY Broome Continuing Education, 607 778-5054.