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2016-2017 Official General Catalog 
2016-2017 Official General Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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SQC 210 - Six Sigma Topics

This course introduces Six Sigma concepts that complement those found in the other SQC courses.  Topics include: business systems, processes, and performance metrics.  The analysis of customer data and application of QFD studies.  Project planning and control techniques.  Quality improvement tools, multi-vari, CUSUM, and EWMA charts.  Mixture, Taguchi's designs, and evolutionary operations.  Lean concepts, continuous flow manufacturing, cycle-time reduction, total productive maintenance.  Tolerance design and capability analysis.

Prerequisite- Corequisite
Prerequisite:  SQC 113 Statistical Process Control

Credits: 3
3 Class Hours
Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.  Define Six Sigma, business systems and processes.
2.  Define process performance metrics, such as DPMO, COPQ.
3.  Analyze customer data and translate by Quality Function Deployment (QFD).
4.  Define project management tools and team formations.
5.  Use project planning and control tools, such as PERT, CPM.
6.  Perform quality improvement tools, such as multi-vari charts, mixture experiments, and evolutionary operations.
7.  Use advanced statistical control techniques, such as CUSUM and EWMA charts.
8.  Define lean enterprise concepts, such as continuous flow manufacturing and total productive maintenance.
9.  Define design for Six Sigma tools.
10.  Perform tolerance design and process capability studies.

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