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2016-2017 Official General Catalog 
2016-2017 Official General Catalog [Archived Catalog]


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1Although we strive to be as accurate as possible with the information presented here, and on the rest of this site, it is not always correct.  For latest OFFICIAL information please contact our offices by email or phone at 607 778-5230.

2The SUNY Broome Community College Board of Trustees establishes tuition and fee amounts for each semester. The amounts below were established for the 2015-16 year only. Semesters beyond that point are subject to increase.

3The College establishes tuition and fee refund policies and procedures each year in accordance with Federal and State mandated regulations. The policies and procedures in this website were established for the year 2015-16. Years beyond that point are subject to changing Federal and State guidelines, thus future College refund policies and procedures are subject to change. The regulations for any particular year are available at Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts Offices.

Tuition 2015-2016


Tuition and fees are payable at the Student Accounts Office according to a payment schedule released by the College each semester. The responsibility for payment rests upon the student. Both full-time and part-time students who have registered for courses will be "de-registered" if they fail to meet established due dates for tuition/ fee payment.  If students register after the established due dates for tuition/fee payment, the will not be deregistered for non-payment.  Students registering after the established due date must officially drop their course prior to the start of the semester in order to avoid financial liability.

Students who are administratively dropped for non-attendance during the semester continue to have a tuition and fee obligation.

Students Carrying 12 or more Credits or Credit-Equivalent Hours

(considered full-time students)

For New York State residents

  • with residency certificate:
    $2,112 per semester1
  • without residency certificate:
    $4,224 per semester1

For out-of-state residents

  • $4,224 per semester1

Tuition Deposit Policy (mandatory to hold place in competitive admissions programs)

For fall semester admissions, payable by May 1st or 30 days after acceptance, whichever comes later; Refundable by written request PRIOR to May 1st for fall admissions and November 1st for spring admissions.  (Not mandatory in other programs - payable at time of application if applicant desires to hold place; tuition deposit is applied to tuition bill).

Students admitted to the BU Advantage Program will be required to submit a non-refundable program deposit in the amount of $350.  The payment will be applied toward the Fall semester tuition bill upon registration.

International Students admitted to bCC will be required to submit a $750 tuition deposit prior to registration for each fall and spring semester.  The payment will be applied towards the semester's tuition upon registration.

Students Carrying Fewer than 12 Credits or Credit-Equivalent Hours

(considered part-time students)

For New York State residents

  • with residency certificate $176 per credit1
  • without residency certificate $352 per credit1

For out-of-state residents

  • $352 per credit hour1

Many students may qualify for financial aid, some of which is applicable toward tution.  Learn more about Financial Aid.

Residency Certificate


To qualify for the resident tuition fee, a student is required by law (NYS Education Law, Section 6305) to present once each academic year, a residency certificate indicating that he or she has been a legal resident of the State of New York for one year, and of a county for six months.

New York State Counties will issue certificates up to 60 calendar days prior to the start of the semester and until 30 calendar days into the semester.  Counties are permitted by law to refuse applications after the 30th day of the semester.  Many counties adhere to this deadline with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please visit the Residency Information web page for details.

College Fees¹ (mandatory)


College fees are non-refundable.

Matriculation fee (one-time fee)   $902
Service fee (Non-Matriculated) (per semester)   $152
Distance Learning Fee   $10 per credit hour2
Late Registration Fee   $202 per semester
Binghamton Advantage Fee   $1141 per semester
Laboratory fees   $55 per lab2
  Music   can up to $500 per lab2
Technology fee (per semester)    
  full-time, fall/spring   $702
  part-time, fall/spring   $602
  full time/part-time, summer   $602
Transportation fee   $45 per semester for full-time students2
(Fall & Spring)
    $30 per semester for part-time students2
(Fall & Spring)
  Replacement vehicle registration sticker   $25
  Summer only   $202
Drop/Add fee   $102
  (begins on first day of semester)    
Re-registration fee   $50
       (students who had been dropped for non-payment)    
Student refund debit card replacement fee (active card)   $20 per card
Student refund debit card replacement fee (inactive card)   $10 per card
Credit by Examination    
      Non-Laboratory Course   $502
      plus $15 per credit hour
      Laboratory Course   $502
      plus $15 per credit hour
      plus $10 for each clock hour of lab
      examination (maximum $165)2
Credit by Evaluation    
(Portfolio Assessment)   $752
      plus $15 per credit hour2
      $5 per credit hour refunded per credit hour not awarded
Health Science Clinical Makeup fee   $602
Rush Transcript fee   $ 52
Fax fee   $ 52
  (up to 5 pages - $1 per page thereafter)    
Duplicate Record fee   $1 per copy
Mailing fee   $5 per graduation folder
Returned Check fee   $252

Courses requiring outside services, such as PED 170 Trail Riding, Music Lessons, etc., may require students to pay additional out of pocket expenses directly to those service providers.

Student Fees


Student Fees are mandatory and non-refundable.

Student Activity Fee

Full-Time Student   $100 per semester1
Part-Time Student   $ 9 per credit hour1
I.D. Card Replacement Fee   $10 per card1

(Excluding contract credit courses, study abroad students, students enrolled in distance learning courses only, students enrolled in the BU Advantage Program andpersons over the age of 60 who takdes course[s] for audit.)

The activity fee entitles all students to admission to varsity games, convocations, dances and parties, as well as a subscription to the student newspaper and the opportunity to participate in a varied program of co-curricular activities, including intramural athletics.

The Student Activity Fee funds the following types of programs on campus: the Student Handbook and Planner, Orientation, 40 clubs and organizations, 12 athletic teams, intramural sports, travel, Common Hour programs, family events, films, picnics and more.

*student fees do not impact operating budget

Orientation Fee

$10 new first time matriculated students


Excluding contract credit courses, study abroad students, students enrolled in distance
learning courses only, students enrolled in the BU Advantage Program and persons over
the age of 60 who take course[s] for audit.

Student Health Service Fee

Full-Time Students   $29/semester
Part-Time Students   $15/semester

(Excluding high school students taking college level courses off campus at their high schools, contract credit courses, study abroad students, students enrolled in distance learning classes only, students enrolled in the BU Advantage Program and persons over the age of 60 who take course[s] for audit.)

Money collected from the Health Service fee is used for physician services, drugs, supplies, educational material, diagnostic equipment, special health programs and related Health Service expenses. The fee is non-refundable if the student withdraws from the College.

Accident Insurance

Fall $9
First-Time Sutdent in Spring $6         

(Excluding study abroad students, high school students taking college level courses off campus at their high schools, contract credit courses, students enrolled in distance learning courses only with the exception of those matriculated in the Health Science Division, students enrolled in the BU Advantage Program and persons over the age of 60 who take course[s] for audit.)

The accident policy covers the student for 12 months commencing the first day of classes for expenses incurred as a result of an accident, on or off campus. Maximum coverage is $2,500 per accident. Claim forms are available in the Student Health Services. Claims must be filed with Student Health Services before expenses will be paid.  Contact Student Health Services for more information. Students who withdraw and wish a refund of their accident policy must apply directly to the insurance company.

International Student Health Insurance

International students must show that they have health insurance coverage before they can enroll at the College.  Health Insurance is available through the College at the following rates (which may be subject to change):

Fall semester $543
Spring/Summer semester
(billed together)

Rates established by the SUNY International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Program.
Mandatory; Excluding study abroad students and students enrolled in distance learning courses only.

Claim forms are available in the Student Health Services office during the year.  Students who withdraw and wish a refund of their health insurance fee must apply directly to the insurance company.  Note that the "Health Insurance" mentioned in this paragraph is different fromthe "Health Service Fee," which is not an insurance.

Medical Insurance

The College does not provide medical insurance. Information about such insurance is available through Student Health Services and directly from insurance companies.

Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Books, Supplies, Uniforms and Other Expenses


Students are expected to purchase textbooks and related instructional materials for the courses in which they are enrolled. These may be purchased at the Bookstore located in the Campus Services Building. The average cost of textbooks and required supplies varies depending on curriculum and ranges between $200 and $700 per semester.

In the Health Science curriculums students will provide, at their own expense, their own transportation to off-campus locations for necessary clinical and other experience. Students are also required to have a physical examination which may cost as much as $100.

In addition, some curriculums require uniforms. Among these are Hotel/Restaurant, Nursing, Radiologic Technology, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Medical Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant. Gym clothes are necessary for physical education classes. Dental instruments and pants-type uniforms are prescribed for Dental Hygiene students.

A Windows-Multi-Media Pentium home computer is strongly recommended for Engineering Science and Computer Studies students.

The following estimated expenses are in addition to the usual cost of text books:

    Freshman   Senior
Business Technologies   $ 50   $ 100
Civil Technology   60   90
Clinical Laboratory Technician   50   200
Dental Hygiene   2,500   575
EMT Paramedic   100   100
Engineering Science   325   750
Health Information Technology   105   110
Industrial Technology   90   90
Mechanical Engineering Technology   90   90
Medical Assistant   60   250
Nursing   75   500
Physical Therapist Assistant   300    
Radiologic Technology   650   375

Refund Policies, Procedures


Tuition Refund Policy2
Effective FALL 1998, New York State has mandated the current refund policy for all SUNY community colleges.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Students who officially withdraw from classes during the first three weeks of a semester will be entitled to tuition refunds on the following basis - 100% refund before the first day of the semester; 75% on or before day 5 of the semester; 50% on or before day 10 of the semester; and, 25% on or before day 15 of the semester. After day 15 of the semester, there is no refund.

"Day of semester" does not refer to specific class meetings. It refers to actual day of the campus wide semester.


Note: Refunds for courses less than 15 weeks in length are prorated based on the length of the course.

College On The Weekend

Refunded at 100% up to 5 p.m. on first Friday of Weekender classes; 75% refund through the Friday following the first weekend of classes (0% refund thereafter).

Summer Session

Students who withdraw from Summer Session classes will be entitled to a 100% refund through the last business day, before the first day of the semester. Refunds are reduced to 25% for students withdrawing on or before day 5 of the semester. After that, there will be no refunds.

Refund Procedure2

An application for refund of tuition and fees must be made in writing in the Registrar's Office (SS 105). The application must be on the College form provided. The date on which the application is filed is considered the official date of the student's withdrawal and any refund to which the student may be entitled is computed using that date.

Title IV Financial Aid Refund Policy2

Students who receive Title IV financial assistance (Pell, SEOG or Stafford Loans) are subject to the most recent guidelines mandated by the Higher Education Act Amendment. If -and only if- they officially withdraw or are administratively withdrawn from the institution, the unearned funds received for tuition, fees, and other educational expenses, must be returned to the Federal Title IV programs. This return may result in an outstanding balance due to Broome Community College and/or to the U.S. Department of Education. All other cases (e.g. partial withdrawals) will follow the N.Y.S. mandated refund policy for community colleges.

Other Procedures


Students who defer tuition on Financial Aid, and who then become ineligible to receive that aid or any portion of it, will be subject to an immediate obligation for payment and/or collection of tuition, fees and disbursements. The College reserves the right to use whatever collection procedures it deems appropriate to satisfy any outstanding debt. The total outstanding debt may include additional costs incurred due to collection activities. The cost will vary depending on the debt. Additional costs may be as much as 331/3 percent of the debt plus attorney/court fees.

Withholding Diplomas and Transcripts

A student's Official College Transcript and diploma will be withheld if there are outstanding financial or property-returning obligations. These could be to such College offices as Security, Learning Resource Center (Library), Student Accounts, Physical Education, as well as others. Students must settle any such outstanding debts to the College and then present evidence of the settlement to the Office of the Registrar.