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2016-2017 Official General Catalog 
2016-2017 Official General Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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DEN 102 - Dental Hygiene II

Theory and clinical experience in dental hygiene process of care, including patient assessment, treatment planning, instrumentation, and evaluation of patient care.  Includes patients with special needs, tobacco cessation intervention, oral physiotherapy, medical/dental emergencies, identification and reporting of child abuse, and oral health instruction. 


Prerequisite- Corequisite
Prerequisites:  DEN 101 Dental Hygiene I, DEN 103 Oral Anatomy and Physiology, DEN 108 Infection Control in Dentistry, DEN 109 Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence, BIO 131 Human Biology I, ENG 110 College Writing I

Corequisites:  DEN 106 Clinical Dental Radiography, DEN 107 Introduction to Periodontology, DEN 110W Dental Materials

Credits: 5
3 Class Hours, Clinical Hours: 8 hrs/week for 15 weeks
Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.  Describe and apply the concepts of patient assessment, individualized treatment planning, implementation and evaluation and begin to apply this information in the clinical setting.
2.  Prepare appropriate and specific treatment plans based on patient need.
3.  Explain and explain basic terminology related to oral physiotherapy.
4.  Explain the importance of self-care instruction and patient rapport as an integral part of providing patients with optimum dental hygiene care.
5.  Apply concepts of oral physiotherapy and oral health instruction to personal needs, while appreciating the importance of being a role model for patients in terms of one's own oral health status and lifestyle choices.
6.  Formulate their own style of effectively interacting with patients, while displaying sensitivity to their patients' needs and problems.
7.  Discuss the value of visual and printed materials in providing patient education and for increasing oral health awareness.
8.  Discuss and apply ultrasonic scaling in the clinical setting.
9.  Discuss and apply dental hygiene treatment adaptations for patients with special needs, including the gerodontic patient.
10.  Provide oral health education in a community-based setting (service learning) via offsite bulletin board construction.
11.  Treat patients while meeting objectives set forth in the Dental Hygiene Clinic Manual.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

DEN 102 Dental Hygiene II will prepare the freshman student to carry out the dental hygiene process of care, including patient assessment, radiographs, dental hygiene diagnosis, treatment planning, implementation of prevention and therapeutic procedures and evaluation of treatment.  The student will practice and learn the appointment sequence, as well as interact with patients, peers, and faculty in a professional manner while providing preventive oral hygiene services in the clinical setting.

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