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2012-2013 Official General Catalog 
2012-2013 Official General Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ART 106 - Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design

Developing sensitivity and awareness of our spatial environment is the object of this course.  Aesthetic and functional elements of three-dimensional design are explored.  Through reading, projects, lectures and field trips, techniques are explored to assist in heightening awareness.  This enables the student to understand the functional and aesthetic examples of the three-dimensional environment.  Emphasis is placed on studio projects.

Credits: 3
2 Class Hours, 2 Studio Hours
Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.  Apply the design process of layering (adding) & editing (subtracting) visual information and learn to create three-dimensionally.
2.  Develop a thorough understanding of how applying the elements and principles of design the artist/designer can create a limitless possibility of forms that are aesthetically appealing, functional, thought-provoking and expressive.  Students will learn the importance of self-criticism and challenging their own abilities both conceptually and technically.
3.  Establish a personal work ethic, time management/organizational skills and a professional design vocabulary leading to the clear articulation of their ideas, working process and intentions.  They will learn how to constructively criticize their own work, and accept constructive criticism from others.
4.  Recognize good design and know when to stop in the creative process.  Build self-confidence and pride in accomplishing successful solutions to problems presented and to know when they have done well in this process.
5.  Express themselves and find their own personal vision and how to integrate this with the requirements of specific design problems presented during the semester.  Students will also develop a design vocabulary that relates to materials, processes and design theory.  They will be exposed to the critical importance of being able to professionally articulate their ideas, working process and intentions to others.