Oct 26, 2020  
2017-2018 Official General Catalog 
2017-2018 Official General Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Criminal Justice-Corrections: A.S.

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Associate in Science Transfer Program

CIP CODE: 5505.00

This program is designed for full-time students desiring employment after two years of study in a corrections field as well as for students wishing to transfer to a four year college upon graduation from SUNY Broome Community College. The course of study includes a mixture of SUNY approved general education requirements, core criminal justice courses, and courses directly related to corrections. Students currently employed in corrections will also benefit from this course of study. Careful planning and selection of courses is necessary to complete the program in two years.

SEQUENCE OF COURSES: This model is a two-year course schedule for students meeting all program requirements and who decide to pursue full-time study. Schedules will be redesigned for those requiring preparatory courses or those deciding to pursue part-time study. Many students find it helpful to ease their course load during the school year by taking general education requirements during summer terms. Students placed into ENG 110S are required to take CRJ 111 before taking any other Criminal Justice Course.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will understand the main components of the criminal justice system.
  2. Students will understand the criminal justice procedures as they specifically relate to the field of corrections.
  3. Students will understand the sentencing and incarceration course of action.
  4. Students will understand the release and reentry process. 

Program Director and Chairperson:
Kerry Weber
Office: Business Building, Room 107
Telephone: 607 778-5008
E-mail: kalickweberkc@sunybroome.edu


Spring Semester 15-16 Credits

  • Technology Elective (BIT 207 Recommended) Credits: 3
  • Social Science (CRJ 246 Vicimology recommended) Credits: 3
  • Foreign Language/Arts (Gen Ed Approved) Credits: 3-4


Fall Semester 15-16 Credits

  • History Elective Credits: 3
    (Choose HIS 103, 104, 116, 117, 130 or 131)
  • Math (Gen Ed Approved MAT course) Credits: 3-4

Spring Semester 14.50 Credits

  • Natural Laboratory Science (Gen Ed Approved) Credits: 4
  • Criminal Justice Elective (CRJ 206 recommended) Credits: 3
  • Humanities Elective (Gen Ed Approved) Credits: 3

Approved Criminal Justice electives:

  • Recommend CRJ 206
  • Any CRJ course not required in program (CRJ 206 recommended)
  • Or any Fire Science (FRS) course
  • Or any Homeland Security (HLS) course
  • (see CJES advisor for additional accepted electives and/or special offerings)

Recommended Science courses are:

  • Choose any 4 credit Gen Ed Natural Science course
  • Recommended: CHM 121, CHM 125, CHM 290, ANT 113, PHS 123, BIO 155

Approved Social Science courses:

  • Recommended:  CRJ 246, PSY 225, POS 201, POS 204, SOC 110, SOC 111
  • Or any 3 credit Gen Ed Social Science course

Approved Humanities, Arts, and Language courses:


  • Choose any 3 credit Gen Ed Humanities course


  • Choose any 3 credit Gen Ed The Arts course

Foreign Language

  •  Choose any 3-4 credit Gen Ed Foreign Language course

Total Credits: 60.50-62.50

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