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Website Catalog (In Development)

Individual Studies: A.A.S.

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Associate in Applied Science

CIP CODE: 24.0102


The Individual Studies Associate in Applied Science major offers a dynamic, interdisciplinary degree to students wishing to prepare to enter the workforce or pursue professional development opportunities. This program allows students an opportunity to design their degree completion at SUNY Broome with customized course selection from previously earned college credits, prior learning experiences, and course completion at SUNY Broome. Graduates will satisfy a range of Liberal Arts and Science categories and advised pathway electives to support their professional development goals. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Liberal Arts Individual Studies Applied (ISAT) students will demonstrate basic proficiency in written English.
  2. Liberal Arts Individual Studies Applied (ISAT) students will demonstrate familiarity with social science concepts and methods.
  3. Liberal Arts Individual Studies Applied (ISAT) students will demonstrate basic proficiency in math and/or science.
  4. Liberal Arts students will demonstrate a familiarity with the concept of engaged citizenship and develop the basic skills necessary to negotiate American democracy. This is accomplished via the SUNY Broome Civic Education requirement.
  5. Liberal Arts students will develop fundamental fitness concepts and skills that promote lifelong health and wellness.
  6. Liberal Arts students will show competency with modern information technology and research skills. This is infused throughout the curricula.
  7. Liberal Arts students will apply critical analysis to texts and arguments and fashion thoughtful, developed arguments of their own. ENG 220, a capstone course for every SUNY Broome student, embeds these skills within the course and these skills are also infused across the curricula.

Program Supervisor

Donna M. Rehak, M.S.W.
Staff Associate to the Dean of Liberal Arts
Coordinator, Individual Studies and Liberal Arts
Office: Titchener Hall, Room 210
Telephone: +1 (607) 778-5092

Students whose academic goals cannot be attained through existing programs may be allowed to structure individualized degree programs. Qualified students develop, with an advisor, an "area of concentration." This area of concentration must be a cohesive program of study clearly related to employment or upper division academic goals.

Completion of the Individual Studies Program Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree is designed for immediate employment and professional development. Admission into the Program requires that the student develop a Plan of Studies that is approved by the Program Coordinator.

This is not a program for students unsure of their goals or simply exploring several areas of study.  The Applied Associate in Science supports study in coursework that reflects career interests combined with an interdisciplinary study of general education courses.  Employed students select courses related to their position and professional development goals.  Students may consult with their organization's Supervisors, Human Resource Department, or Professional Development Coordinators for assistance in determining the best plan of study to meet goals that provide advancement opportunities.

For additional information, consult an Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Department, Student Services Building, Room 210, +1 (607) 778-5421 or contact the Program Coordinator.


SUNY General Education Categories (21 Credits Minimum)

Required General Education categories:

  • English 110 or 111 (Basic Communication) (3 credits)
  • English 220 the Senior Seminar Capstone course (Humanities) (3 credits)
  • Social / Behavioral Sciences (6 credits) (two courses)
  • Two courses - one (1) in Laboratory Science (Natural Science), and one (1) course in Mathematics; or two (2) courses in either Laboratory Science or Mathematics

SUNY Broome requirements:

  • One of the two Social / Behavioral Science courses must have Civic Education (CIV) attribute
  • Two courses with Writing Emphasis (W / WE) attribute
  • Physical Education with cardio-vascular (CV) attribute  (minimum of 1 credit)

Professional, Technical, and Concentration Electives (42 Credits Minimum)

The concentration area can be designed to prepare for immediate employment or professional development goals.  Students create an academic degree completion plan based on consultation with employment  counselors or mentors or consultants at their workplace.  This ensures that there is a connection between their studies and the enhanced skills necessary to secure employment or to pursue advancement opportunities in their field.

Total Credits: 63

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