Dec 15, 2018  
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CST 105 - Computer Applications

This is an introduction course to computer concepts and application software.  Topics include word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, the Internet and computer Operating Systems.  Microsoft Office will be used in the laboratory to develop academic, professional, and business applications.

Credits: 3
2 Class Hours, 2 Laboratory Hours
Credit will not be given for both CST 105 and CST 106.

Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.  Use PowerPoint to create and present presentations.
2.  Create a résumé, cover page, envelopes, labels, and tables.
3.  Use the Internet to access course material.
4.  Communicate using mail facilities.
5.  Create and develop a solution to a problem using a spreadsheet for analysis.
6.  Create a relational database.
7.  Evaluate a computer configuration.
8.  List and develop an understanding of computer ethics in today's society.
9.  Create an integrated document with spreadsheets and/or databases.

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