Oct 20, 2019  
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MUS 261 - Sound Engineering IV

This course is part four of the four-semester sequence in Sound Engineering.  Students are instructed in the techniques of engineering and supervising recording sessions involving large and small music ensembles of varying musical genres.

Prerequisite- Corequisite
Prerequisite:  MUS 260 Sound Engineering III

Credits: 3
2 Class Hours, 2 Laboratory Hours
Course Profile
Learning Outcomes of the Course:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how to record small and large musical ensembles.
  2. Recognize the different requirements needed to record various styles of music such as classical, rock, jazz and folk.
  3. Use advanced production, editing and recording techniques with the Pro Tools system.
  4. Arrange, produce and mix an independently recorded project.

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